By (author) Cathy Bryant

Ebook (VitalSource) - £4.00

Publication date:

24 April 2020


Arachne Press

ISBN-13: 9781913665029

In the red corner: the muck, grit and harsh truths of life. In the blue corner: the beauty of the natural world and the vivid variety provided by imagination. Cathy Bryant is dancing about somewhere in between. To continue the boxing ring metaphor to a silly (but possibly accurate) degree, the other two corners are culture and experience, the canvas is time and I'm on the ropes of conscience. For Cathy is stuck as a misfit. Born in the south, she lives in the north. from a  middle class home, she is working class by poverty and experience. She knows what it's like to be homeless, and what it's like to pick a dirty penny off the pavement and be happy to have it, and she also know the correct way to address a duchess, and whether to put the milk in first. She doesn't fit in anywhere - except at poetry events, where you can't know whether the person next to you is a convicted felon, a linguistics professor, or both.
Bryant is given to firing from the hip, the poems barely containing at times the incandescent exuberance of what she is driven to express.