Small things

By (author) Carol Rumens Illustrated by Emma Wright

Ebook (VitalSource) - £3.50

Publication date:

26 October 2018


The Emma Press

ISBN-13: 9781910139790

In Carol Rumens's Bezdelki, small things like the English meaning of her Russian title help to shore up the memory of a life. These elegies for a late partner, written in memory of Yuri Drobyshev, explore the principle that death, even for atheists, isn’t purely loss. Instead, a kind of conversation between two people can be continued through willed acts of memory, whether by rooting through incidental artefacts found in a toolbox or by revisiting works of Russian literature that both members of the couple admired.
‘The Emma Press delivers another beautifully illustrated collection, featuring poems and translations dedicated to the memory of translator Yuri Drobyshev. A reflection upon memory and the mortal condition, Rumens draws from a range of cultural touchstones, including historical imaginings of the afterlife. A moving and thought-provoking pamphlet.’ - PBS Bulletin