Who Seemed Alive & Altogether Real

By (author) Padraig Regan Illustrated by Emma Wright

Ebook (VitalSource) - £3.54

Publication date:

26 October 2018


The Emma Press

ISBN-13: 9781910139738

Padraig Regan’s poems delight in the sensual and the visual: this pamphlet is alive with the textures of paint, sweat, sugar and overripe fruit. Regan riffs on art history in a way which is playful and inquisitive – Johann Zoffany drinks mojitos with David Hockney; Caravaggio outrages and compels; Queen Elizabeth I is effortfully glorious.
‘It’s fun when a poet’s having fun. Especially exuberant, controlled fun. And that’s exactly how this pamphlet strikes me. A virtuoso sharing his art, and his enjoyment of it.’ Charlotte Gann, Sphinx