The Emma Press Anthology of the Sea

Poems for a voyage out

Illustrated by Emma Wright Edited by Eve Lacey

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Publication date:

26 October 2018


The Emma Press

ISBN-13: 9781910139462

In The Emma Press Anthology of the Sea, poets ask how the human mind can fathom the ocean’s depths. The sea emerges as at once strange and familiar, bearing witness to storms, naval history, ocean creatures and the human desire for freedom. As the poets embark on voyages of self-discovery, the sea laps at the boundaries of language, offering both mystery and solace to the reader.
‘The sea is powerful, raging, angry, delightful, destructive, calming… it is all these things at once and that is something which is explored in these poems. In a world where issues of climate change and ocean power are discussed as second nature, the skilful poets contained within this fascinating book give the sea its voice back. […] These poems explore the ways in which our relationship with the sea changes as we grow older and certainly provoke thought on the subject, long after the final poem has been read and the raging storm of the sea has calmed. Thoroughly recommended.’ – LiteratureWorks