What the Emperor Cannot Do

Tales and Legends of the Orient

By (author) Vlas Doroshevich Translated by Rowan Glie, Ronald M. Landau

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Publication date:

30 June 2015



ISBN-13: 9785717201209

These Oriental fables by Russian great Vlas Doroshevich are unexpected, exciting, colourful and tremendously readable. Doroshevich could not stand tyranny in any form and used his tales to mock and accuse the rich and the powerful for their wickedness, hypocrisy and stupidity. The themes within will ring large with the anti-establishment and ‘Occupy’ movements of today. Doroshevich’s works were often banned during Tsarist times and then finally banned completely under the Bolsheviks. This great Russian writer, a friend of Chekhov, is only now being resurrected from oblivion. This is the first English translation of his Tales.