The Criminal Baroque

Lawbreaking, Peacekeeping, and Theatricality in Early Modern Spain

By (author) Ted L. L. Bergman

Ebook (VitalSource) - £19.99

Publication date:

19 February 2021

Length of book:

268 pages


Tamesis Books

ISBN-13: 9781800101234

Early Modern Spanish theatre is viewed by many scholars as entertaining propaganda that channelled the emotions and beliefs of the masses into mechanisms for social control. This book questions such an interpretation by examiningthe portrayal of criminal heroes on stage and public spectacles of law enforcement outside of the playhouse.
The book is structured in a way that moves between analyses of theatre, crime, and law enforcement while covering the intersections between these three phenomena. Through examples that range from dancing pimps to brawling kings, this study reveals that the propaganda power of early modern Spanish spectacle has been vastly overstated.

TED L.L. BERGMAN is Lecturer in Spanish at the University of St Andrews.