«Word», Words, and World

How a Wittgensteinian Perspective on Metaphor-Making Reveals the Theo-logic of Reality

By (author) Susan Patterson

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Publication date:

11 September 2013

Length of book:

251 pages


Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften



ISBN-13: 9783034302302

The question this book aims to address is: how do we take on board post-modern insights regarding the relationship between language and world without losing our grip on theological truth? Employing the linguistic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein as ‘philosophical hand-maid’ (as opposed to ‘metaphysical gate-keeper’, which has tended to be the case), it subjects to critique both traditional realist and post-modern constructivist perspectives as it examines how the nature and role of metaphor-making at the creative edge of language casts light on the God-language-world relationship. It concludes that a Wittgensteinian understanding of the relationship between language and world is not only compatible with a ‘theistic-realist’ doctrine of God but that the shape of this doctrine is inescapably Trinitarian.