A History of Installation Art and the Development of New Art Forms

Technology and the Hermeneutics of Time and Space in Modern and Postmodern Art from Cubism to Installation

By (author) Faye Ran

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Publication date:

12 May 2009

Length of book:

256 pages


Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers



ISBN-13: 9781433105197

Art mirrors life; life returns the favor. How could nineteenth and twentieth century technologies foster both the change in the world view generally called «postmodernism» and the development of new art forms? Scholar and curator Faye Ran shows how interactions of art and technology led to cultural changes and the evolution of Installation art as a genre unto itself – a fascinating hybrid of expanded sculpture in terms of context, site, and environment, and expanded theatre in terms of performer, performance, and public.
«Faye Ran’s book, ‘A History of Installation Art and the Development of New Art Forms’, speaks to the essential physical reality of our existence (....). When we tire of web pages, a street with a café, a store, or a museum can be an oasis. This book and its insights into Installation art can tell us how to make the most of it.» (Paul Levinson, Ph.D., Communication and Media Studies, Fordham University, New York)
«By synthesizing disparate and often difficult strands of theory and evidence in an accessible manner, this book is bound to become a key text in the field for scholars and researchers alike. It offers a clear historical overview of artistic developments and particularly recent trends towards Installation art that are often made unnecessarily obscure and fragmented by the competing claims of critics.» (Marius Kwint, Ph.D., Art History Department, Oxford University, England)