Framing Abuse

Media Influence and Public Understanding of Sexual Violence Against Children

By (author) Jenny Kitzinger

Ebook (VitalSource) - £90.00

Publication date:

20 August 2004

Length of book:

248 pages


Pluto Press

ISBN-13: 9781849642453

How does the media shape the way we think about child sexual abuse? Combining in-depth analysis of media representations of the crimes, with focus group discussions and interviews with around 500 journalists, campaigners and a cross-section of 'the public', Jenny Kitzinger reveals the media's role in contemporary society.

Which stories attract attention and why? Answering this and other questions, Kitzinger demonstrates how media reporting can impact on people's knowledge of the 'facts', perceptions of risk, sense of appropriate policy responses and even how we interpret our own experiences. Looking at feminist initiatives to challenge sexual violence, the emergence of incest as a social problem and the development of new survivor identities. She also explores stereotypes around sex offenders,interrogates protests against 'paedophiles-in-the-community' and presents a detailed analysis of the impact of scandals about disputed abuse accusations.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in theories of media influence, identity and social change or who wishes to encourage responsible journalism. It is also a key resource for anyone concerned about sexual violence and the protection of children or who is attempting to design intervention strategies.