Empire in the Age of Globalisation

US Hegemony and Neo-Liberal Disorder

By (author) Ray Kiely

Ebook (VitalSource) - £90.00

Publication date:

20 September 2005

Length of book:

224 pages


Pluto Press

ISBN-13: 9781849642989

This book examines the relationship between US hegemony and contemporary globalisation.

Many introductory textbooks on globalisation tend to be simplistic and conservative. This book moves things forward, providing a critical review of the globalisation debate. Kiely reveals the weaknesses of globalisation theory, and argues that we can only approach a proper understanding of the contemporary world order by linking globalisation to debates on capitalism, imperialism, neo-liberalism and universal human rights. He explores US hegemony in the light of these issues, showing how 'liberal internationalism' cannot be separated from capitalism, neo-liberalism and US empire-building.
'Examines vitally important questions on the nature of modern imperialism and US hegemony'