Poverty and Neoliberalism

Persistence and Reproduction in the Global South

By (author) Ray Bush

Ebook (VitalSource) - £90.00

Publication date:

20 April 2007

Length of book:

256 pages


Pluto Press

ISBN-13: 9781849641678

Why do so many people worldwide suffer hunger and poverty when there is enough food and other resources globally to prevent it? This book shows how famine and food insecurity are an essential part of modern capitalism.

Although trade, debt relief and development initiatives are important, they do not alter the structure of the global economy and poverty continues to be created by processes like privatisation, trade liberalisation and market reform. Despite the 'end poverty' rhetoric of the World Bank and the G8, these high levels of poverty sustain Western wealth and power. Is there any hope for change? Using case studies from Egypt and North Africa, Nigeria, Sudan and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, Ray Bush illustrates that there is resistance to neoliberal policies, and that struggles over land, mining and resources can shape real alternatives to existing globalisation.
'This is a truly refreshing and engaging book on neo-liberalism and its discontents in the Global South'