Tourism and Oil

Preparing for the Challenge

By (author) Dr. Susanne Becken

Publication date:

12 January 2015

Length of book:

208 pages


Channel View Publications



ISBN-13: 9781845414887

This book is the first to examine oil constraints and tourism, and addresses one of the key challenges for the tourism industry in the future. It provides an estimate of how much oil tourism consumes globally and summarises state-of-the-art information on oil resources, oil data and public discourse. The volume also offers an analysis of the economic implications of increasing oil prices for tourism and discusses key dimensions relevant for tourism in a post peak oil world. It will be useful for tourism stakeholders globally, postgraduate students in tourism and resource management, ecological economists and those researching issues of resource efficiency, carrying capacity and global environmental change.

At last, a measured and realistic appraisal of tourism in the future in relation to the availability or otherwise of oil. Becken has produced an excellent and fair review of the key issues involved in this most topical of subjects, avoiding the sometimes absurd scenarios or inevitable doom and gloom writing that has appeared on this topic. This book is essential reading for anyone and everyone seriously interested in the future of tourism in an age of oil scarcity.