Ethnic and Minority Cultures as Tourist Attractions

Edited by Anya Diekmann, Melanie Kay Smith

Publication date:

15 January 2015

Length of book:

272 pages


Channel View Publications



ISBN-13: 9781845414832

This book focuses on ethnic and minority communities in urban contexts and the ways in which their cultures are represented in tourism development. It offers a multi-disciplinary approach which draws on examples and case studies of ethnic and minority communities and cultural tourism development from all around the world, including slums in India, favelas in Brazil, Chinatowns in Australia, Jewish quarters in Central and Eastern Europe, ethnic villages in China, the African district of Brussels, the gay quarter in Cape Town and a desert town in Israel. It offers a positive perspective on ethnic and minority cultures and communities at a time when social and political support is lacking in many countries. This book will be a useful resource for those studying and researching cultural and urban tourism, urban planning and development, community studies and urban and cultural geography.

This is an excellent and comprehensive account of a critical field in tourism research, stretching its boundaries to key issues in urbanism, and will appeal to academics and place managers alike. The chapters do a great job of documenting how the sticky mobilities of migrations and diasporas and the fast mobility of tourism juxtapose in – and negotiate – places, in ways that may be subversive or strident, but are ultimately generative of change and discourse.