Sociocultural Theory and L2 Instructional Pragmatics

By (author) Rémi A. van Compernolle

Publication date:

05 February 2014

Length of book:

232 pages


Multilingual Matters



ISBN-13: 9781783091393

Winner of the AAAL First Book Award 2017!

This book outlines a framework for teaching second language pragmatics grounded in Vygotskian sociocultural psychology. The framework focuses on the appropriation of sociopragmatic concepts as psychological tools that mediate pragmalinguistic choices. Using multiple sources of metalinguistic and performance data collected during a six-week pedagogical enrichment program involving one-on-one tutoring sessions, the volume explores both theoretical and practical issues relevant to teaching second language pragmatics from a Vygotskian perspective. The book represents an important contribution to second language instructional pragmatics research as well as to second language sociocultural psychology scholarship. It will be of interest to all those researching in this field and to language teachers who will find the pedagogical recommendations useful.

This book provides a remarkably robust theoretical reconceptualization of L2 instructional pragmatics.  The book is situated in a cutting edge treatment of sociocultural theory that is adeptly related to pedagogical practice in the difficult-to-teach area of pragmatics.  Throughout the text, the theoretical and pedagogical discussions are richly illustrated with empirical examples.  Overall, the work has significant implications for pragmatics and other discourse-based research in applied linguistics.