Assessing Grammar

The Languages of LARSP

Edited by Dr. Martin J. Ball, David Crystal, Paul Fletcher

Publication date:

08 March 2012

Length of book:

336 pages


Multilingual Matters



ISBN-13: 9781847696380

This collection is a resource book for those working with language disordered clients in a range of languages. It collects together versions of the well-known Language Assessment Remediation Screening Procedure (LARSP) prepared for different languages. Starting with the original version for English, the book then presents versions in more than a dozen other languages. Some of these are likely to be encountered as home languages of clients by speech-language therapists and pathologists working in the UK, Ireland, the US and Australia and New Zealand. Others are included because they are major languages found where speech-language pathology services are provided, but where no grammatical profile already exists.

This new book brings together an amazing variety of approaches to LARSP including an elegant description of the origin and evolution of LARSP, an update on research on English language applications of LARSP, an evaluation of a computerized version, and reports on adaptations of LARSP to 13 different languages. The publication of LARSP applications across multiple languages expands opportunities for clinical applications as well as clinical research associated with LARSP. The book will serve as a resource for researchers (or students) seeking to identify gaps in research suitable for future attention.