Resorts and Ports

European Seaside Towns since 1700

Edited by Prof. Peter Borsay, Prof. John K. Walton

Publication date:

14 October 2011

Length of book:

240 pages


Channel View Publications



ISBN-13: 9781845411985

Histories of seaports and coastal resorts have usually been kept in separate compartments. This book brings them together and looks at how resort development affected historic ports during the rise and development of the seaside holiday in Europe from the 18th century to the 20th, and what the attributes of ports (fishing, harbour crafts, the whiff of the exotic, fishermen’s homes and families) contributed to the attractions of resorts. Case-studies drawn from across Europe, from Wales and the Netherlands to Norway, Latvia and Spain, bring original perspectives to bear on these histories and relationships, and consider their influence on seaside heritage and regeneration at a time when coastal settlements are increasingly using their past to secure their future. The book will interest academics in tourism studies, history, geography and cultural studies, as well as provide essential information and analysis for policy-makers in coastal regeneration.

This excellent edited collection by Borsay and Walton tackles an important and under-researched theme in urban history; the resort-port relationship. Its detailed case studies, drawn from across Britain and Europe and spanning three centuries, explore the tensions between seaside tourism and commercial and industrial development – making clear that these were not mutually exclusive activities. This is a ‘must read’ volume for anyone interested in the history of seaside towns and coastal regeneration.