Early Language Learning and Teacher Education

International Research and Practice

Edited by Subhan Zein, Dr. Sue Garton

Publication date:

26 February 2019

Length of book:

296 pages


Multilingual Matters



ISBN-13: 9781788922654

Language teacher education is widely identified as one of the most important areas that needs addressing in order to improve early language instruction, yet research into teacher education for early language teachers remains relatively sparse. This volume responds to this gap by compiling studies with diverse methodological tenets from a wide range of geographical and educational contexts around the world. The volume aims to enhance understanding of early language teacher education as well as to address the need to prepare early language teachers and assist them in their professional development. The chapters focus on the complexity of teacher learning, innovations in mentoring and teacher supervision, strategies in programme development and perceptions, and knowledge and assessment in early language learning teacher education. The volume offers comprehensive coverage of the field by addressing various aspects of teacher education in different languages. The contributions highlight examples of research into current practice in the professional enhancement of early language learning teachers, but with an emphasis on the implications for practitioners.

This volume is a very welcome addition to research in a much-neglected area: early language teacher education. As well as taking a truly international perspective, it includes chapters on bilingual education, TESOL, Modern Foreign Languages – areas of early language teacher education which are rarely found together, despite the synergies between them. Presenting thoughtful and innovative discussions of a range of key topics in the field, it is set to become essential reading for anyone involved in early language teacher education.