Hardback - £150.00

Publication date:

26 November 2019

Length of book:

320 pages


Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781786762887

This book provides a comprehensive review of key advances in preservation techniques for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Chapters summarise developments and improvements in preservation technologies such as cooling, controlled atmosphere storage, modified atmosphere and active packaging, barrier coatings and post-harvest ethylene management. Other chapters focus on post-harvest safety management and disinfection. They cover current research on mechanisms of pathogen contamination of fresh produce, advances in rapid pathogen detection techniques as well as improvements in sanitising regimes and disinfection techniques using heat, irradiation and plasma, ozone and natural antimicrobials. The final part of the book surveys advances in monitoring postharvest quality of fresh produce, automated sorting and packing and smart distribution systems to maintain the quality of horticultural produce.

Key features

  • Focuses on advances in preservation technologies such as advanced modelling of cooling patterns, dynamic controlled atmosphere and improving use of 1-MCP as an ethylene inhibitor
  • Reviews strengths and weaknesses of different disinfection techniques, such as the use of sanitisers, hot water or air, irradiation, plasma, ozone and natural antimicrobials
  • Covers developments in smart supply chain and distribution monitoring and management
"Much is talked about food loss and waste but little is being done given the scale of the problem. Through experts in the field, this book provides insights into the management practices and latest technologies available. A great effort and many congratulations."
Prof Leon A. Terry, Cranfield University, UK