Publication date:

24 March 2020

Length of book:

852 pages


Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing



ISBN-13: 9781786763006

'We at Too Good To Go, found the research presented immensely insightful as we continue to build awareness raising campaigns with the aim of changing behaviours.'
Too Good To Go

This book provides a comprehensive review of the causes and prevention of food losses and waste (FLW) at key steps in the supply chain.

The book begins by defining what is meant by food losses and waste and then assessing current research on its economic, environmental and nutritional impact. It then reviews what we know about causes and prevention of FLW at different stages in the supply chain, from cultivation, harvesting and storage, through processing and distribution to retail and consumer use. The third part of the book looks at FLW for particular commodities, including cereals and grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, roots and tubers, oilseeds and tubers, meat and dairy products, and fish and seafood products. The final section in the book reviews the effectiveness of campaigns to reduce FLW in regions such as North and Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East and, sub-Saharan Africa.

Key features

  • The first comprehensive review of the causes and prevention of food losses and waste (FLW), bringing together leading experts from around the world.
  • Multi-dimensional approach in addressing the problem of FLW from a range of perspectives: key stages in the supply chain, different types of commodity and different regions in the world.
  • Valuable case studies from different regions on practical measures to tackle FLW.

Sample content

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'World hunger is on the rise for the first time in decades and crop yields are on the decline. With a rapidly exploding world population we are heading toward a disastrous food shortage crisis. Since one-third of the food that we already produce is lost between the time it is harvested and consumed substantially more of this lost food must be saved to avoid a major global food crisis. ‘Preventing food losses and waste’ (ed. Yahia) provides a comprehensive compilation of the resources and programs available globally to substantially and sustainably reduce postharvest food loss and waste.'
Dr Charles L. Wilson, Founder and CEO - World Food Preservation Center LLC, USA