Private Equity

A Casebook

By (author) Paul Gompers, Victoria Ivashina, Richard Ruback

Publication date:

15 March 2019

Length of book:

888 pages


Anthem Press



ISBN-13: 9781783089161

"Private Equity" is an advanced corporate finance book that integrates a range of topics from a private equity investor’s perspective. The book presents a set of cases used in the Private Equity Finance class, an advanced elective course offered in the Harvard Business School MBA elective curriculum. The structure of the book follows the timeline of a typical investment. Starting with deal sourcing, due diligence and valuation, followed by execution of the transaction, including issues related to capital structure and governance, the book transitions to examining operational changes and management of the capital structure, closing with a set of cases related to exit. Intended for readers interested in working for private equity firms, investing in private equity as limited partners or providing investment banking or consulting services to private equity firms, "Private Equity" is also appropriate for readers who are interested in a more detailed exploration of corporate finance.

“Professors Gompers, Ivashina and Ruback have compiled an insightful, thorough and useful compendium of private equity techniques from valuation to structuring to firm management. The thoughtful practitioner will enjoy having this book not only as a reference but also as an opportunity to review case studies where theory is put into practice.”
—Michael S. Berk, Managing Director, TA Associates