Eisenhower and the Art of Collaborative Leadership

By (author) Kenneth Weisbrode

Publication date:

15 September 2018

Length of book:

110 pages


Anthem Press



ISBN-13: 9781783088386

"Eisenhower and the Art of Collaborative Leadership" examines the theory and practice of collaboration, and collaborative leadership, in the life and career of Dwight Eisenhower. It relates his collaborative style to his ideas about friendship, his Kansas upbringing and his family, his military training and career, and his particular practice of presidential leadership, which operated through teams and a deliberate, sophisticated system of bureaucratic consensus-building. "Eisenhower and the Art of Collaborative Leadership" elaborates an alternative interpretation of such leadership, describing Eisenhower not merely as a “hidden-hand” president, but also as a visible one at the head of a well-managed team. It is a concise portrait of one of America’s most important and talented leaders, and a case study in sound leadership.

“Kenneth Weisbrode has written an elegant assessment of a leadership style not widely practiced, but one that speaks to our times. It brims with insight.”
—Susan Eisenhower, author of Mrs. Ike