Triangular Orthogonal Functions for the Analysis of Continuous Time Systems

By (author) Anish Deb, Gautam Sarkar, Anindita Sengupta

Publication date:

15 May 2011

Length of book:

168 pages


Anthem Press



ISBN-13: 9780857289995

This book deals with a new set of triangular orthogonal functions, which evolved from the set of well-known block pulse functions (BPF), a major member of the piecewise constant orthogonal function (PCOF) family. Unlike PCOF, providing staircase solutions, this new set of triangular functions provides piecewise linear solution with less mean integral squared error (MISE).

After introducing the rich background of the PCOF family, which includes Walsh, block pulse and other related functions, fundamentals of the newly proposed set – such as basic properties, function approximation, integral operational metrics, etc. – are presented. This set has been used for integration of functions, analysis and synthesis of dynamic systems and solution of integral equations. The study ends with microprocessor based simulation of SISO control systems using sample-and-hold functions and Dirac delta functions.

"The book is readable for the interested mathematician and engineer"
—Jessica Steward Kelly, "Mathematical Review Clippings," July 2017.