A Reflective Practitioner's Guide to (Mis)Adventures in Drama Education - or - What Was I Thinking?

Edited by Peter Duffy

Publication date:

15 July 2015

Length of book:

290 pages


Intellect Books



ISBN-13: 9781783204731

This collection of essays from many of the world’s preeminent drama education practitioners captures the challenges and struggles of teaching with honesty, humour, openness and integrity. Collectively the authors possess some two hundred years of shared experience in the field, and each essay investigates the mistakes of best-intentions, the lack of awareness, and the omissions that pock all of our careers. The authors ask, and answer quite honestly, a series of difficult and reflexive questions: What obscured our understanding of our students’ needs in a particular moment? What drove our professional expectations?  And how has our practice changed as a result of those experiences? Modelled on reflective practice, this book will be an essential, everyday guide to the challenges of drama education.

'The book’s deliberate rebuttal of the happy endings that dominate the literature makes it a significant addition to both drama education and the field of reflective practice. It offers examples of how reflection can be structured and where these practitioners turned for guidance, making it a key resource for students and teachers alike.'