Antibiotic Drug Discovery

New Targets and Molecular Entities

Edited by Steven M Firestine, Troy Lister

Ebook (VitalSource) - £169.00

Publication date:

19 May 2017

Length of book:

271 pages


Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN-13: 9781782629870

Recent years have seen a resurgence of antibiotic drug discovery. This book brings together the relevant information to assess the state-of-the-art. It identifies and elaborates the most recent and compelling strategies for antibiotic drug discovery with a primary focus on new targets, mechanisms and molecular entities. Addressing the need for continued investment in antibiotic drug development, the book provides a point of reference for the rapidly expanding infectious disease research community.
In addition to its attention on new targets, the book focusses on the medicinal chemistry and chemistry of the targets. Within this framework, chapters from leading researchers in academia and industry address findings in important areas such as biofilm production, narrow spectrum antibiotics and novel antibacterials from previously uncultured soil bacteria.
This book will be a useful resource for postgraduate students and researchers in medicinal chemistry wishing to understand the latest approaches to antibiotic drug discovery.
The book will be of interest to a large audience, not only to medicinal chemists in the field, to whom it can serve as a valuable point of reference, but to anyone wishing to follow the latest approaches in antibiotic drug design. The book is also valuable as a textbook for postgraduate students in medicinal chemistry: concepts are explained clearly and concisely throughout all chapters; sections are well organized and nicely illustrated.