Design, Delivery and Detection

Edited by Martin Braddock

Ebook (VitalSource) - £179.99

Publication date:

14 April 2016

Length of book:

370 pages


Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN-13: 9781782622536

Nanomedicines and nanopharmacology is a rapidly developing and evolving field with new techniques and applications under constant development. This book will provide an overview of the chemistry of nanocarrier design and the considerations that need to be made when developing a nanomedicine. Providing an understanding of the relationship of nanocarrier, drug and targetting moieties and physico-chemical properties, this title will provide an accurate and current representation of the field by addressing the promises, prospects and pitfalls of nanomedicine. Covering a wide range of areas in detail, this book will provide an excellent companion for medicinal chemists, pharmacologists and biochemists working in industry or academia.

This book provides an excellent overview of this multidisciplinary field. All 13 chapters are concise minireviews or perspectives, covering a wide range of topics in nanomedicine, from nanocarrier design considerations to lessons learned from past successes, regulatory aspects, and future challenges. Overall, this book serves as an excellent reference for newcomers to the field as well as experienced researchers. Because many of the authors are the developers of some successful nanomedicines in clinical use or trials, their experiences, thoughts, and insights are particularly valuable.