Flow Dynamics and Tissue Engineering of Blood Vessels

By (author) Dr Arindam Bit, Jasjit Suri Contributions by Karabi Ganguly, Khemraj Deshmukh, Sharda Gupta, Swati Sikdar, Achalla Ranjani, Bharti Mishra, Sonali Gore

Publication date:

Q4 2020

Length of book:

350 pages


Institute Of Physics Publishing



ISBN-13: 9780750320863

A correlation between flow physics of blood in vasculatures and their role in designing of an efficient blood vessel is represented in this book. This volume illustrates the physical phenomena of vessel compliance, its influence on blood flow dynamics, followed by modification of flow structures in the presence of diseased vessels or diseased blood content. This book will also illustrate the progress of tissue engineering for intervention of re-engineered blood vessels. For the first time, blood vessels organoid models, its controlling aspects, and microfluidic platform platform based blood vessels are illustrated in continuation to the understanding of flow physics of blood on a similar platform. This is a highly effective technique for healthy blood vessel management.

The purpose of this book is to provide an overview of the amalgamation of regenerative medicine and applications of mechanical principles for the management of the clinical criticality of blood vessels. The authors have established a cross-talk between tissue engineering aspects and computational fluid mechanical principles to understand the state of blood vessels in diseased conditions.