Vascular and Intravaslcular Imaging Trends, Analysis, and Challenges - Volume 2

Plaque characterization

Edited by Professor Petia Radeva, Jasjit Suri

Publication date:

06 August 2019

Length of book:

420 pages


Institute Of Physics Publishing



ISBN-13: 9780750319997

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for a third of all deaths in women and more than a half in men. Despite continuous improvements in treatment devices and imaging, there is still a rise in the morbidity rate from CVDs each year. Compiled by experts in the field, a thorough investigation is given to current topics and problems relating to CVD, which will enable the scientific and medical communities to search for the most effective strategies for dealing with these diseases. As one of the most prominent diseases in our society, CVD requires dedicated analysis and investigation in order to reduce the mortality rate worldwide. Scholars, biomedical engineers and medical practitioners will greatly benefit from the detailed information in this book as it will give a better understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of CVD.