Arlen Specter

An Oral History

Introduction by G. Terry Madonna, Shanin Specter Edited by Brian Lockman, Francine Schertzer

Paperback - £18.95

Publication date:

04 May 2017

Length of book:

384 pages


Pennsylvania Cable Network

ISBN-13: 9781945169113

Between February 2011 and February 2012, Senator Arlen Specter sat down before the cameras of the Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) to record his oral history. The result was a fifteen-hour television series, which ran on cable systems across Pennsylvania over five nights in May 2012. This book is drawn from the transcripts of those interviews, in which Specter recalled his time as Philadelphia district attorney, his service on the Warren Commission, his questioning of Robert Bork and Anita Hill, and his visits with world leaders. The result is a unique insight into the longest-serving U.S. Senator in Pennsylvania history.

“A remarkable book about an incredible public figure whose work benefited Pennsylvanians more than anyone other than Ben Franklin. From Kansas to Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., [the editors] chronicle the triumphs and failures of Arlen Specter in a way that gives the reader insight into who he was.”

—Edward G. Rendell, former mayor of Philadelphia and governor of Pennsylvania