Renaissance Siena

Art in Context

Edited by A. Lawrence Jenkens

Paperback - £31.95

Publication date:

01 August 2005

Length of book:

224 pages


Truman State University Press

ISBN-13: 9781931112437

The art of Renaissance Siena is usually viewed in the light of developments and accomplishments achieved elsewhere, but Sienese artists were part of a dynamic dialogue that was shaped by their city’s internal political turmoil, diplomatic relationships with its neighbors, internal social hierarchies, and struggle for self-definition. These essays lead scholars in a new and exciting direction in the study of the art of Renaissance Siena, exploring the cultural dynamics of the city and its art in a specifically Sienese context. This volume shapes a new understanding of Sienese culture in the early modern period and defines the questions scholars will continue to ask for years to come. What emerges is a picture of Renaissance Siena as a city focused on meeting the challenges of the time while formulating changes to shape its future. Central to these changes are the city’s efforts to fashion a civic identity through the visual arts.

“Defining the city’s artistic history after its “golden age” as one of change and assimilation rather than withering decline, Renaissance Siena stands as a welcome contribution, responding to Siena’s visual language on its own terms, in its native yet undeniably eclectic accents.”

Renaissance Quarterly