The Unfolding of Your Words Gives Light

Studies on Biblical Hebrew in Honor of George L. Klein

Edited by Ethan C. Jones

Hardback - £47.95

Publication date:

11 October 2018

Length of book:

304 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575069746

This collection of essays, covering nearly every aspect of Biblical Hebrew studies, testifies to the invigorating joy of studying that language—a joy that is richly exemplified in the life of the volume’s honoree, George Klein.

Paying tribute to a colleague who has devoted his academic career to teaching Biblical Hebrew, this book presents fresh explorations of topics related to Biblical Hebrew linguistics. The opening chapters explore grammatical issues and delve into matters of diachrony. Subsequent essays address significant syntactical constructions, such as “at the end of days,” and matters of lexicography. The final two chapters address issues of pedagogy, including a call to comprehensively rethink how to teach Biblical Hebrew according to linguistic principles. Researchers, teachers, and students of Hebrew alike will benefit greatly from consulting the essays in this volume.

Distinctive for its diverse content, this volume features contributions from an international cohort of academics, including Scott N. Callaham, Stephen Dempster, Stephen A. Geller, Holger Gzella, N. Blake Hearson, Ernst Jenni, Ethan C. Jones, Tracy McKenzie, Eugene H. Merrill, Alviero Niccacci, Perry J. Oakes, Mark F. Rooker, Richard A. Taylor, Heath A. Thomas, and Gary R. Williams.