Sepphoris III

The Architecture, Stratigraphy, and Artifacts of the Western Summit of Sepphoris

By (author) Eric M. Meyers, Carol L. Meyers, Benjamin D. Gordon

Hardback - £126.95

Publication date:

08 January 2018

Length of book:

1016 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575069623

A major settlement in the Roman and Byzantine periods, with its earliest inhabitants stretching back to at least the Persian period, Sepphoris has been intensively excavated by several teams, including Duke University in the 1980s and 1990s. This volume brings to a close a series of three reports detailing the findings of these excavations.

Sepphoris III is organized into three parts: the first part provides a general overview of the Duke project and the chronology of the site, followed by detailed stratigraphic discussions of all of the excavated areas as well as a series of pottery plates supplementing the pottery presentation in Sepphoris II. The second part covers various aspects of the numerous stepped pools that were discovered on the western summit of the site. The third part offers comprehensive presentations of all the major artifact types recovered during excavation, with a list of all excavated loci and a section of color photos.

Richly illustrated with hundreds of photos, drawings, and plans, this important publication is essential for specialists in the archaeology of early Judaism and Christianity in the Holy Land.