The Usefulness of Scripture

Essays in Honor of Robert W. Wall

Edited by Daniel Castelo, Sara M. Koenig, David R. Nienhuis

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Publication date:

04 May 2018

Length of book:

288 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575069609

Robert Wall began his teaching career at Seattle Pacific University in 1978. Now, forty years later and in celebration of his seventieth birthday, colleagues and former students have gathered to produce this volume in honor of their friend and teacher. The results are sure to delight all of those who have studied under or been friends of Professor Wall.

The essays are grouped under two general themes: theology and methodology (with an emphasis on Wesleyan biblical hermeneutics, canonical perspectives, and the implications of these approaches for church life and work) and biblical texts/themes, especially with a view to the relationship of the study of Scripture to the life of the Christian. In both of these areas, the contributions bear in mind Wall’s conviction that academic study and spiritual life need not—in fact, should not—be kept apart.

The contributors to this volume include Frank Anthony Spina, Andrew Knapp, Shannon Nicole Smythe, Daniel Castelo, Anthony B. Robinson, Eugene E. Lemcio, Sara M. Koenig, Jack Levison, Laura C. S. Holmes, John Painter, and Stephen E. Fowl.