Old Babylonian Texts in the Schøyen Collection, Part Two

School Letters, Model Contracts, and Related Texts

By (author) A. R. George, Gabriella Spada

Hardback - £79.95

Publication date:

01 July 2019

Length of book:

248 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575067254

In ancient Mesopotamia, men training to be scribes copied model letters in order to practice writing and familiarize themselves with epistolary forms and expressions. Similarly, model contracts were used to teach them how to draw up agreements for the transactions typical of everyday economic life. This volume makes available a trove of previously unknown tablets and fragments, now housed in the Shøyen Collection, that were produced in the training of scribes in Old Babylonian schools.

Following on Old Babylonian Texts in the Schøyen Collection, Part One: Selected Letters, this volume publishes the contents of sixty-five tablets bearing Akkadian letters used to train scribes and twenty-six prisms and tablets carrying Sumerian legal texts copied in the same context. Each text is presented in transliterated form and in translation, with appropriate commentary and annotations and, at the end of the book, photographs of the cuneiform. The material is made easily navigable by a catalogue, bibliography, and indexes.

This collection of previously unknown documents expands the extant corpus of educational texts, making an essential contribution to the study of the ancient world.