Imperial Administrative Records, Part 2

Provincial and Military Administration

By (author) Frederick M. Fales, J. N. Postgate

Paperback - £43.95

Publication date:

01 December 2014

Length of book:

256 pages


Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project

ISBN-13: 9781575063362

This is the second of two volumes of the State Archives of Assyria devoted to the administrative archives. Like the previous volume, SAA 7, it includes texts from Nineveh, for the most part published originally by C.H.W. Johns in his Assyrian Deeds and Documents, but also in the Assyrian Doomsday Book by the same author. On the other hand, this volume differs markedly from the previous one regarding contents: the texts here are concerned in general with the provincial administration of the imperial provinces and with taxation. Although in recent years a number of the texts have been edited and commented on (by the editors themselves as well as by other scholars) for their importance in the study of the mechanisms of the imperial political and economic system, it may be useful to provide here an overview of the nature of all the documents included in the volume, whether better or less known, whether immediately meaningful or partially obscure.