Faith, Tradition, and History

Old Testament Historiography in Its Near Eastern Context

Edited by James K. Hoffmeier, David W. Baker, Alan R. Millard

Paperback - £31.95

Publication date:

30 June 1994

Length of book:

368 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575061894

The commands “Keep this festival”, for the Israelites at Passover and for Jesus’ disciples at the Lord’s Supper, mark Judaism and Christianity as historical religions. They proclaim the God who has revealed himself both through the thoughts of his messengers and through events and their consequences. His acts demonstrate his nature to those who believe and may guide others to belief.

The papers collected here explore some of the ways that the ancient Hebrew writers and their contemporaries presented history and how their work should be understood today. Assessed against the background of the wealth of documents available from the ancient world, these studies examine the similarities and differences with the intent of providing criteria for approaching the writings of the Hebrew Bible. Recent publications display a growing tendency to treat the Hebrew narratives as products of their authors’ beliefs, molded by their theology, and in some sense created to suit it, rather than arising from actual events. The contributors to this volume favor a positive approach to the Hebrew texts, taking into account the variety of contemporary concerns and perspectives.