The Phoenicians in Spain

An Archaeological Review of the Eighth-Sixth Centuries B.C.E. -- A Collection of Articles Translated from Spanish

Edited by Seymour (Sy) Gitin Translated by Marilyn R. Bierling

Hardback - £37.95

Publication date:

30 June 2002

Length of book:

320 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575060569

Twelve essays, written by various scholars and originally published in Spanish, explore the ways in which Phoenician colonization of the Iberian Peninsula was a function of Assyrian westward expansion. Selected articles include: The Phoenician Settlement of the 8th Century B.C. in Morro de Mezquitilla (Algarrobo, Malaga) by H. Schubart, Phoenician Trade in the West: Balance and Perspectives by M.E. Aubet Semmler, and The Ancient Colonization of Ibiza: Mechanisms and Process by J. Ramon.