The Egyptian Evidence

Edited by Ernest S. Frerichs, Leonard H. Lesko

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Publication date:

30 June 1997

Length of book:

112 pages



ISBN-13: 9781575060255

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"""Few events have impressed the memory of Jewish and Christian tradition more than the Exodus from Egypt...however, few events have been as controversial for historians...""

""The traditional approach to the historicity of the Exodus gave large weight to the assertions of the biblical narrative, even when that narrative itself provided acknowledged ambiguities or even seeming contradictions. The focus of the traditional approach was on the history of ancient Israel; discussions of such events as the Exodus were cast in terms that made Israelite history and Israelite origins the central concerns for evaluating evidence. The Exodus narrative provided an exciting explanation for the origin of the Israelites, their migration from slavery to freedom, and the role of divine power."" [Excerpts from the Introduction, by Ernest S. Frerichs]

These issues provided the backdrop for a conference convened at the Department of Egyptology, Brown University, in 1992. Exodus: The Egyptian Evidence presents the conclusions of the participant scholars who attempt to answer the question: what does the material evidence tell us about the Exodus?"