Church Art and Architecture in the Low Countries before 1566

By (author) Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs

Hardback - £51.95

Publication date:

01 April 1997

Length of book:

244 pages


Truman State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780940474390

This volume presents a detailed survey of the art, furnishings, and architecture of Netherlandish churches at the time of the Reformation. Bangs summarizes the general history of the 1566 iconoclasm and the longer, ongoing process by which the churches attained their present appearance. The pre-Reformation church architecture of the Low Countries is examined according to its regional and structural varieties and the identifiable works of known architects.

“Bangs remains a truly careful antiquarian... so this book, both as text and photographic archive, will remain a vital resource for all subsequent scholars who wish to pursue more interpretive and synthetic studies of Dutch religious art.”

Sixteenth Century Journal