Tell el-Hesi IV

The Site and the Expedition

Edited by Bruce T. Dahlberg, Kevin G. O'Connell

Hardback - £47.95

Publication date:

30 June 1989

Length of book:

240 pages



ISBN-13: 9780931464577

This collection of essays, dedicated to the memory of H. T. Frank, includes essays on the physical environment (F. L. Koucky), the Palestine Exploration Fund excavations at the tell in the 19th century (J. M. Matthers), the development of the excavation team (J. E. Worrell), the influence of the “new archaeology” on the Hesi expedition during the 1970s (J. E. Worrell and J. W. Betlyon), the stratigraphy of the site (L. E. Toombs), and individual reports on various areas (M. D. Coogan, R. B. Stewart, and K. G. O’Connell, S.J.). The book concludes with an extensive bibliography on the site and several appendixes.