Continuity, Innovation, and Connoisseurship

Old Master Paintings at the Palmer Museum of Art

Edited by Mary Jane Harris

Paperback - £19.95

Publication date:

09 September 2003

Length of book:

156 pages


the Palmer Museum of Art

ISBN-13: 9780911209563

Continuity, Innovation, and Connoisseurship brings together revised versions of papers first presented at an international symposium of the same name held at The Pennsylvania State University in 1995. Noted Old Master experts were invited to discuss and contextualize key sixteenth- and seventeenth-century paintings in the collection of the Palmer Museum of Art. The papers shed new light on these works, connecting them to important issues in the thematic and stylistic development of Old Master paintings.

This richly illustrated volume also provides an informative introduction to the Palmer Museum's Renaissance and Baroque collections.