Milton Studies

Volume 53

Edited by Laura L. Knoppers

Hardback - £55.95

Publication date:

15 December 2013

Length of book:

328 pages


Duquesne University Press

ISBN-13: 9780820704647

Published annually by Duquesne University Press as an important forum for Milton scholarship and criticism, Milton Studies focuses on various aspects of John Milton’s life and writing, including biography; literary history; Milton’s work in its literary, intellectual, political, or cultural contexts; Milton’s influence on or relationship to other writers; and the history of critical response to his work.

Milton Studies 53 offers ten groundbreaking essays on topics of current interest. Contributors examine the epistle to De doctrina; form and meaning in Lycidas; Milton’s Adam and domestic conduct books; natural law and divorce in Eden; gender, freedom, and the language of lots in Paradise Lost; Milton’s transformation of place pilgrimage; the archangel Michael and the English civil wars; Milton’s eighteenth century readers and biblical hermeneutics; Romantic appropriations of Milton’s lyric voice; and Miltonic freedom, DeLillo, and the tragedy of 9/11.

Hardcover is un-jacketed.