Looking at Trauma

A Tool Kit for Clinicians

Edited by Abby Hershler, Lesley Hughes, Patricia Nguyen, Shelley Wall

Paperback - £23.95

Publication date:

15 October 2021

Length of book:

96 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271092072

Looking at Trauma: A Tool Kit for Clinicians is an easy-to-use, engaging resource designed to address the challenges health care professionals face in providing much-needed trauma psychoeducation to clients with histories of childhood trauma. Developed by trauma therapists Abby Hershler and Lesley Hughes in collaboration with artist Patricia Nguyen and biomedical communications specialist Shelley Wall, this book presents twelve trauma treatment models accompanied by innovative and engaging comics. The models help clinicians provide practical information about the impacts of trauma to their clients—and support those clients in understanding and managing their distressing symptoms.

Topics covered include complex posttraumatic stress disorder, emotion regulation, memory, relationship patterns, and self-care. Each chapter features step-by-step instructions on how to use the treatment models with clients; practical educational tips from experienced clinicians in the field of childhood trauma; interactive trauma education comics; a foundational framework focused on care for the provider; and references for further study.

Intended for use in therapeutic, clinical, and classroom settings, this book is a valuable resource for all healthcare workers. In particular, social workers, psychotherapists, spiritual care providers, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists will find this tool kit indispensable.

“In Looking at Trauma, the authors share invaluable experiential knowledge gained through their work with trauma survivors, while also synthesizing denser preceding works on trauma therapy and recovery. The result is a manageable and informative tool kit for service providers and educators.”

—Julie Blair, MSW, RSW