Ecological Solidarities

Mobilizing Faith and Justice for an Entangled World

Edited by Krista E. Hughes, Dhawn B. Martin, Elaine Padilla

Hardback - £71.95

Publication date:

30 October 2019

Length of book:

248 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271084626

Operating on the premise that our failure to recognize our interconnected relationship to the rest of the cosmos is the origin of planetary peril, this volume presents academic, activist, and artistic perspectives on how to inspire reflection and motivate action in order to construct alternative frameworks and establish novel solidarities for the sake of our planetary home.

The selections in this volume explore ecologies of interdependence as a frame for religious, theological, and philosophical analysis and practice. Contributors examine questions of justice, climate change, race, class, gender, and coloniality and discuss alternative ways of engaging the world in all its biodiversity. Each essay, poem, reflection, and piece of art contributes to and reflects upon how to live out entangled differences toward positive global change.

Constructive and practical, global and local, communal and personal, Ecological Solidarities is an innovative contribution to the discourses on relational and liberative thought and practice in religion, philosophy, and theology. It will be welcomed by scholars of World Christianity and theology as well as seminary students, activists, and laity interested in issues of justice and ecology.

“With Ecological Solidarities, prophetic warnings awaken us to a new paradigm of perception, insight, and action: Discard not the tragic disintegration that a blind humanity inflicts on this planet! This important volume collects voices of theopolitical and ecotheological visions calling for the renewal of our care for the wounded planet that is our home.”

—Roland Faber, author of The Garden of Reality: Transreligious Relativity in a World of Becoming