Guide to the Old Moravian Cemetery of Bethlehem, Pa., 17421910

By (author) Augustus Schultze

Paperback - £23.95

Publication date:

15 February 2013

Length of book:

230 pages



ISBN-13: 9780271060354

Augustus Schultze writes in the preface to this guide, “Of the interesting and attractive places in historic Bethlehem there is perhaps none which is more sought out by strangers and which we hold in greater veneration than the old Moravian Cemetery.” One hundred years later, Schultze’s words hold true: this cemetery, and others like it, continues to captivate visitors and residents of Pennsylvania with its rich history.

Published in 1912, this volume contains the names, gravesite locations, and available personal details for over twenty-six hundred Moravian men, women, and children interred at the Old Moravian Cemetery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, between 1742 and 1910. The names within represent a wide range of families and individuals from 170 years of Bethlehem’s history, from prominent community members and church leaders to farmers and merchants, and including many converts from the Moravian missions to the Native Americans. A map of the primary graveyard and a comprehensive name index add to the volume’s accessibility as a guide for visits and research.