The Spiritual Vision of Frank Buchman

By (author) Philip Boobbyer

Paperback - £26.95

Publication date:

15 June 2015

Length of book:

232 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271059808

The Spiritual Vision of Frank Buchman is an in-depth look at the life, spirituality, and ideology of one of the most original figures in twentieth-century religion. Frank Buchman (1878–1961), the Pennsylvania-born initiator of the movement known as the Oxford Group and Moral Re-Armament, was a Lutheran pastor who first had influence as a college evangelist and missionary with the YMCA. His thinking then evolved during the 1930s, the Second World War, and the early Cold War as he tried to develop a world philosophy that could offer an answer to war and materialism. His impact was particularly felt in the areas of conflict resolution between nations and interfaith dialogue, and Alcoholics Anonymous also owed much to his methods. Philip Boobbyer’s book is the first scholarly overview of Buchman’s ideas and is an important addition to the growing corpus of academic literature on his worldwide outreach. Boobbyer shows how his work reflected broader processes in twentieth-century religion and politics and can be seen as a spiritual response to an emerging global society.

“Philip Boobbyer’s thorough scholarship uncovers the roots of Buchman's spiritual vision and demonstrates the wide-reaching significance of his campaigns for moral renewal. It will become the definitive study of this enigmatic figure.”

—Brian Stanley, University of Edinburgh