Falckner's Curieuse Nachricht von Pensylvania

The Book that Stimulated the Great German Immigration to Pennsylvania in the Early Years of the XVIII Century

By (author) Daniel Falckner Translated with commentary by Julius F. Sachse

Paperback - £18.95

Publication date:

15 January 2012

Length of book:

294 pages



ISBN-13: 9780271053844

Originally circulated in Germany, Daniel Falckner’s Curieuse Nachricht von Pensylvania was one in a wave of pamphlets about the American colonies disseminated in Europe during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. It stood alongside influential works by Penn and Pastorius that were circulated among Pietists and other groups to raise awareness in Europe about the practical and spiritual climates in Pennsylvania. Falckner’s pamphlet, in particular, was used in a promotional manner and utilizes a question-and-answer format, addressing everything from how to plan for a voyage to America to common professions for Europeans in the New World, dealings with the native population, seasonal climate, and hundreds of other issues.

This translation of Curieuse Nachricht, first published by the Pennsylvania German Society in 1905, includes introductory chapters and annotations by Julius Sachse. The English translation and original German text appear on facing pages, and annotations examine the differences between an original manuscript and the version widely distributed by the Frankfort Company, a group of Pennsylvania land investors, in 1702.