Globalization and Beyond

New Examinations of Global Power and Its Alternatives

Edited by Jon Shefner, Patricia Fernández-Kelly

Paperback - £27.95

Publication date:

15 November 2014

Length of book:

296 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271048864

The enormous turnout in Washington, DC, for Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration and the worldwide rejoicing at this signal of change offered a tangible demonstration of people’s desire for a new world order. In the waning months of the Bush administration, crushing global recession dealt a critical blow to the neoliberal project. The hegemony of the United States and of the international institutions it has used to maintain its economic dominance has been in decline for some years now, suggesting the need to explore alternative ways to carry out globalization’s imperatives. In Globalization and Beyond, leading scholars take up the challenge of examining the current state of economic crisis and the variety of ways in which different countries (as well as different groups) are responding to it.

“In this book, a distinguished array of scholars assess recent changes in the structures and processes of capitalist globalization, and their effects on the states and peoples in Latin America and Asia. Their focus is on the diminishing power of the United States, and the rising power of others. The overwhelming conclusion of the theory and research presented here is that the best solutions for the present crisis of neoliberalism will lie in the search for alternative, post-neoliberal strategies and that these will probably take different forms in different places. The volume will provide plenty of food for thought for those in corporate boardrooms, seats of political power, and academe alike.”

—Leslie Sklair, London School of Economics