Is Philosophy Androcentric?

By (author) Iddo Landau

Paperback - £17.95

Publication date:

15 May 2007

Length of book:

192 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271029078

In Is Philosophy Androcentric?, Iddo Landau contends that none of the arguments for viewing philosophy as pervasively androcentric ultimately stand up to rational scrutiny, while the ones that show it to be nonpervasively androcentric do not undermine it in the way that many critics have supposed. “Philosophy emerges, in almost all of its parts,” he concludes, “as human rather than male, and most parts and aspects of it need not be rejected or rewritten."

“This fine book provides a carefully and closely argued critical examination of the argument that philosophy is androcentric. Treating both analytic and continental traditions, the book is written clearly enough to be useful in undergraduate and graduate courses, but it is also well worth reading by scholars in the field.”

—Sara Worley, Bowling Green State University