Deutsche Mark Diplomacy

Positive Economic Sanctions in German-Russian Relations

By (author) Randall E. Newnham

Paperback - £28.95

Publication date:

15 July 2008

Length of book:

360 pages


Penn State University Press

ISBN-13: 9780271027913

Whether economic sanctions work at all, and how they work if they do, are questions that have long been debated by scholars of international relations. Using a new analytic approach, which distinguishes between positive and negative sanctions and between specific and general sanctions, this book aims both to demonstrate the importance of economic linkage and to explain the variety of forms it can take.

Deutsche Mark Diplomacy draws support for its theoretical arguments from a careful study of Germany's efforts to gain political leverage over Russia via economic means from 1870 into the 1990s. Focusing on two major powers over a long period, during which regimes changed and issues varied, Randall Newnham finds strong evidence to show that positive forms of linkage such as foreign aid and trade or credit incentives are more effective than negative types such as embargoes. His book significantly expands our understanding of the role played by economic sanctions in international politics at the same time that it offers a more systematic way of explaining German foreign policy.

“This will be the best study to date in political economy of the German-Russian economic relationship. The chapters on the Cold War settlement and after will likely be the principal point of reference for scholars working in this area. The book also makes a careful and persuasive case for the power of positive economic sanctions and, in that way, contributes significantly to the revival of scholarly interest in that form of economic state craft.”

—Michael Mastanduno, Dartmouth College