Penn's Grandest Cavern

The History, Legends and Description of Penn's Cave in Centre County

By (author) Henry W. Shoemaker

Paperback - £12.95

Publication date:

15 August 2007

Length of book:

108 pages



ISBN-13: 9780271022666

Published in 1916, this illustrated edition of Penn’s Grandest Cavern begins with several legends of Penn’s Cave and the surrounding area, followed by a description and history, all compiled and written by Henry W. Shoemaker. His description of the caverns reads like a travel guide, with information about not only the cave but also its formations, such as “The Lobster’s Claw,” “Statue of Liberty,” and “Garden of the Gods.” Shoemaker provided his readership with advice on the best ways to travel to the cave, including appropriate trains to take, and a review of the accommodations there. A history traces the ownership of the property and details its exploration and development into a tourist site. Shoemaker also noted how Penn’s Cave compared to other local caves and their development.

This volume presents seven of Shoemaker’s stories relating to Penn’s Cave and Penn’s Valley, including two of his most famous legends: “The Legend of Penn’s Cave” and “Nita-nee: The Indian Maiden for Whom Nittany Mountain Was Named.”